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Some Of The Reasons That Cause The Claim Dies Rejected

Some Of The Reasons That Cause The Claim Dies Rejected


Some Of The Reasons That Cause The Claim Dies Rejected - There are several reasons that may cause the exception or claim died can be denied, among other things:

  1. The Act of suicide attempted suicide or self-harm is done by the insured themselves, well done in a State of conscious or unconscious, in a period of several years from the date of the enactment of the insurance policy. But after a few years listed in the policy or contract agreement, then the insurance company is obligated to pay his claim, even for reasons of suicide though.
  2. In some insurance companies, in accordance with the provisions of the policy, the company reserves the right to refuse or cancel a claim when the customer proved to have provided incorrect information at the time of filling out the submission form of life insurance. There is a mismatch between the data provided by the customer to the fact that there is, or in other words the customer lying reserved information or data provided at the moment of filing.
  3. The insured died was sentenced to death by the Court, or died due to intentionally do or participate in a crime or a criminal trial, either directly or indirectly.
  4. The insured died from crimes or attempted crimes carried out by the parties concerned over the insurance benefits, usually beneficiaries or beneficiary owner.

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