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Cause Of Car Insurance Claim Is Denied

Cause Of Car Insurance Claim Is Denied


Cause Of Car Insurance Claim Is Denied - As the owner of the car that was wise, you are ensuring a four-wheel vehicle you have with car insurance. Because this type of insurance will provide indemnity in the event of something unwanted against your vehicle. However, many of us who do not understand completely its own insurance policy, so sometimes we ask claims rejected due to one thing or another.

It's good we know common things that can cause our car insurance claim denied, as listed below:

1. Do not complete the required file. The moment was about to claim the insurance, You must complete all of the required documents, which have been defined in Your insurance policy. If it is not fulfilled or accidentally forgotten one document only, it could be that your claim will be denied. For it always prepares and completes the required documents in order to make your car insurance claim could be accepted by the company's insurance provider.

2. The time limit set for filing claims has expired. In addition to preparing files, you also have to know the deadline for filing claims set forth by the insurance company. Usually, limit the submission of insurance claims the car is 3 x 24 hours after the incident. If the time limit had passed, then the claim will be rejected. Therefore, ask your claim as soon as it happens something damaging your vehicle. Putting it off will bring even greater losses to you.

3. The violation of the law. Driving habits are inconsiderate to not keep traffic signs is only an example of the many violations of the law that could cause your car insurance claim is denied.

4. Damages are manipulated. Though not a lot, sometimes there is the owner of a policy deliberately damaging the vehicle, solely in order to obtain reimbursement from insurers. Whether it's deliberately crashed the car, damaging the machine, or do something to make the car broke down. When the insurance company check and discovered the existence of an experimental manipulation, or see any discrepancy from the damage that occurs in your car, Your claim may be denied.

5. The events that befall the car does not belong to them on the cover right risk by insurance. 
This is the most important reason for the note. As a customer, You should carefully read the policy and risk-risk on the cover right. To understand the explanation of the whole of the risks covered and the things are not guaranteed. Thus, when something happens on your vehicle, you already know whether such damages can be on the cover right or not.

As prospective policyholders, before choosing Your car insurance to make sure all the information you need already asked and given coverage you already understand with clear details so there's no disappointment later on.
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