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6 It is obligated to Note When Buy life insurance at the Bank

6 It is obligated to Note When Buy life insurance at the Bank


6 It is obligated to Note When Buy life insurance at the Bank - Life insurance quotes are most evident at the moment is the sales bank. There are 6 things to note when you will buy life insurance through banks.

The Bank has a large customer database. Virtually everyone has an account and an ATM at this time. This database is target market ' fertile ' create selling financial products. Insurance is one of them. 

Customer in the bank why? 
  1. Have the money, the main requirement to be able to buy a product; 
  2. Data on the bank's complete and update; 
  3. The customer relative already knows financial literacy, financial products.

That's why you can look upon the bank in cooperation with the insurance company. They form the Bancassurance. in Bancassurance, the bank provides the target market, while selling insurance products. When it comes to bank branch offices, customers now often directly approached by the financial consultant who offers insurance protection.

Because the agent had a negative connotation, the term replaced a sleeker and prestige, financial consultant. But the essence of his work is the same, prospects and sales of insurance. Insurance sales via banking this is a breakthrough. Helps insurance companies enhance penetration into society. Become our duty to be careful – heart, so that products purchased according to your needs and not detrimental.

What is the correct premium is being restored it profitable? 
What are the risks?
What are the things to note when accepting an offer of life insurance through banking?

1.Insurance not the Savings 

Never believed that it was insurance savings or deposits. Insurance is not a saving. Insurance is not a deposit. The perception of most banking clients are all the products offered at the branch bank is like a deposit or savings.No guarantee against deposits from the Government. So there may be a loss. To place a deposit of 1 million, then it will receive 1 million plus interest. The thing is, there's no guarantee insurance from the Government. Insurance of financial products is not guaranteed. The funds you place on the very insurance could be reduced. Premiums paid could not return. Why? Because the funds placed in insurance (link units) is an investment that has risks. The value of his money could go up but could also go down depending on the performance of the selected investment instruments. There is no guarantee that the money saved in insurance is definitely back. There is a risk. This obligation is understood when buying insurance.

2. The funds cannot be withdrawn 

What purpose people put money in the bank? One can withdraw funds at any time. The same mindset when buying insurance. They think that the premiums paid to the insurance can be pulled anytime during. The thing is, the insurance premium cannot be withdrawn at any time. Only a small part of the funds already deposited insurance to be withdrawn. In fact, if the withdrawal is made at the time of the initial membership, no funds can be withdrawn altogether.

Payment of the premium is used for three things: 
1. Paying a Commission agent and the insurance company. This portion is big on the first five years to pay the cost of insurance.
2. This is a cost to get protection. This fee will be increased age and if not paid then the insurance protection to stop.
3. Investments that are placed according to the selected financial instruments. These deposits can be withdrawn later.

Of the 3 things above, You can see that the position of the lowest investment deposits, so that new funds withdrawal can be done after a few years.

Withdrawal then only will be if the investment return delivers great results.

If the return is bad, the money cannot be withdrawn.

3. Insurance Investment there are Risks

No Free Lunch!

There is no free lunch.

If you want a high profit, the risk is definitely higher.

Therefore, if there are offering insurance products with the lure of higher profit from savings or deposits, you have to be careful – heart.

Ask the seller's agent, what the risks are. How potential losses. If your money can be lost entirely.

If the dealer says, the risk is the same as savings or deposits, with higher returns, you have to be alert because the explanation is not correct.

In investments, the risk is closely related to the profit (return). The high profits have a high degree of risk.

"High Risk, High Return. Low Risk, Low Return "

We need to know that most premium placed by the insurance to the instruments which have a higher risk of savings or deposits, i.e. stocks, bonds, bonds, and others – other.

So, when investing via insurance, you should be prepared with risk. The risk that money or your premium is reduced in value.

If it's not ready, don't be bought its products.

Buy the product when you are ready to face the risks for the sake of greater profits.

4. There is no Free Premium

There's never been a visitor tells the story that he was offered a premium cashback.

He said the agent explained that the premiums will be returned so that the benefit of the participants.

What a sweet promise of this agent is correct?

It is true in a few years, participants can take the money premiums already paid. But, does that mean the insurance company return premiums to participants.

It is not.

Then, it's money where?

As already mentioned earlier, the premiums were paid participants allocated to protection soul and investment.

The important thing to grasp that premiums could be taken back it is money the participants themselves. It's your money.

It's not the money from insurance companies.

So, you give up (part) of the premium for managed insurance companies into investing. Tsb investments could profit, could lose out.

If the return on investment is profitable, the customer can take the results of investments, may also pay a premium for the next bail.

That is why the insurance customer link units after a few years it could no longer pay a premium (premium on leave) because the premiums already paid by cutting from the results of its investments.

So, if You sort by agent, premium-free after 10 years.

That means, you still pay premiums, it's just that the money is not taken from your bags, but from your investment savings deposited in an insurance company.

What if the results of investments plummeting?

The client can't pull for the premiums.
    There are not enough funds to pay the premiums. The customer must still pay a premium if it is to continue its protection.

So, no free premium name. Fixed premiums paid from the customer's money. The only source is all different.

5. Don't Buy Insurance by phone

We do not recommend purchasing insurance by phone.

Insurance it is not a simple product. Many clauses, provisions need to be well understood by the participants.

Read the policy document alone is not easy. Need to read slowly – slowly and repeatedly in order to understand the contents.

Let alone understand via the telephone, almost impossible.

6. Don't buy Rush – Rush

Insurance it is not an easy financial product. Many judgments, many of the terms and conditions. It should be understood properly before buying.

Hurry hurry – do not buy. Better slow than fast but true but wrong so detrimental later.

If you don't understand ask people who understand, find info on the internet or a consultation with a financial planner.
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