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5 ways to understand health insurance Claims

5 ways to understand health insurance Claims


5 ways to understand health insurance Claims - Some people may choose health insurance to help us in the process of treatment when sick and insurance that will cover any costs of hospital treatment. The Government is now heavily held insurance program that can help the community especially the community could not afford to do the treatment.

Health insurance is indeed judged to have some benefits i.e. very helps us in doing the treatment especially needs such a large cost-action operation. Not the least of them is the difficulty of looking for funds with the cost of treatment is high enough. Therefore, the public now switched to follow government health insurance programs that can help to do any treatment.

Although currently many have insurance some of them are even less to know or understand about the insurance claim procedures. Although the procedure has been described by his agent and written clearly in the book. For that, we need to understand the procedures and way back to claim insurance. Below are some of the ways that could follow to claim insurance.

1. make sure to always pay a premium

When we decided to have health insurance, it's good to consider regarding the premium to be paid each month. Make sure that the monthly earnings we can suffice to pay for deposit insurance. Taking into account previously so we can pay the monthly premiums and whom he turned as required spending each month. If we do not pay premium regularly every month then one day it will be the burden of high utility bills and will weigh us. In doing so, make sure that the policy we have not perforated anyone or forget to pay monthly premiums.

2. Make sure that the active period of Insurance has been more than 30 days

A lot of insurance companies establish such insurances active period after 30 days. To that end, if less than 30 days, then if we want to be doing the treatment to the hospital likely will not be accepted or rejected, unless in urgent conditions such as accidents. Then before we have to make sure that the active period or age policy has been more than 30 days from filing to follow the health insurance.

3. Be sure to read the Exceptions Clause

After we officially have health insurance and get the policy, then there are a few things to be aware of. For example, just read the policy at clause exemption.

Here are some examples of the contents of the exception clause provided in the policy.

For a disease that is critical such as coronary artery disease and 34 other critical illness, a new can to in the claim of right at least after 6 months. So if we had previously had heart disease should not rush to claim it, try to wait 6 months to 1 year new we can claim.

    For diseases that are already there before, whether we know it or not then insurance companies will not bear them. For example for diseases innate disease.

    After that, be sure to check out our limit of insurance that has been provided to us. The ceiling contains a ration of maximum medical expenses will be covered by insurance as long as we are treated. If using the cost of care more than the set then we will have to pay back for the drawback.

4. What if we Suddenly sick?

If there is insurance on the cards of International SOS number then the telephone to ask a nearby hospital that we can refer to.
    After getting a referral hospital, usually, the hospital will ask if the room will correspond to a desirable ceiling or higher. If we can indeed add to the drawback is no problem if you choose higher than the ceiling.
    Generally, insurance hospitals using the card and the card with it so we do free inpatient treatment aka no percent any because everything has been covered by insurance.

5. Pay Later (Reimbursement)

In health insurance, there is the method of reimbursement or pay later. So while doing the treatment, we have to pay the medical expenses of his own advance, however, these costs shall be reimbursed at the end of the insurance. Below follows the procedures of reimbursement.

In the method, there are two types of reimbursement forms of claims, i.e. claims of the form the customer against the insurance company, and the second the form affidavits treating physician
    When they wish to make to the hospital make sure to bring both the form and give it to her then they who will fill with the stamped hospital.

    Once that is done, we'll get the receipts Bill over the treatment that we do from the hospital, be sure to provide a copy of the receipt and asked the hospital to legalize since the original receipts will be requested by the insurance.

    After coming home from the hospital, we will have 3 pieces of the document, the two form the claim as well as a receipt. After that then we can equip it with a photocopy of IDENTITY CARD and a photocopy of the book account. Documents are then provided on the Department of insurance claims is concerned. We can monitor the process through the phone and after a maximum of 14 days, we will receive the money in the amount listed on the receipts of the insurance.

Note The Method Of His Claim

For some, the above measures are still considered to be a bit confusing. But be sure to come back to understand it so that we get the benefits of health insurance that we have. In essence, whatever type of insurance you are using, try to make sure by asking first about the mechanism of insurance claims.
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